A Scorching Car Interior Is Deadly

We are serious here at CAR FIX in Cookeville. You hear tragic news stories every summer of a child or animal dying inside of a hot vehicle. Never leave your children or pets in the car even for just a few minutes. The inside of your automobile gets extremely hot when the vehicle sits in the summer sun. We are going to list some suggestions below to help you keep the vehicle cooler. This being said, it will still not be cool enough for children or pets, so keep them out of the car.

Find Shade

Of course, you want to find shade under which to park whenever you can. Whether it’s a tree or parking your vehicle in a public garage, if the automobile is out of the sun, the interior will stay cooler. This makes it easier for the air conditioner to make the inside comfortable quicker.

Make Shade

If you cannot find shade, you can always make shade. Place a windshield shade in the windshield to prevent the sun’s rays from coming through it. Install shades in all of the windows that you can pull down when you park your car. They stick to the windows using suction cups. Finally, make sure to use the rear window shade if you have one installed in your vehicle.

Cover Up

When we say cover up, we don’t mean use a car cover. Although the cover will prevent the sun from making its way into the interior, it can also trap the heat inside of the car. What we mean is that you should cover the parts of the interior that get really hot, such as the center console, the seats, and the steering wheel.


You should also keep the air flowing through the vehicle whenever you can. After you have parked your automobile, crack the windows to allow air to flow through the cracks. This also gives the inside of the vehicle a chance to release some of the hot air that builds up while the car, truck, or UV is parked.


Finally, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can service it to make sure it can handle the summer’s heat. We will check the air conditioner to ensure you have plenty of refrigerant. We will also make sure that all of the components are working properly. We will also inspect the cooling system to make sure it can prevent your automobile’s engine from overheating when it is hot outside.

We are CAR FIX in Cookeville, TN, and we are here to help. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by bjdlzx from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro