Can Coolant Leak Out of the Water Pump?

Yes, coolant can leak out of the water pump and if it does, you will see spots on your garage floor near the front of your engine. The average lifespan of a water pump is 60,000 miles to 90,000 miles, although many last longer than 100,000 miles. CAR FIX advises that a leaking water pump will reduce the coolant levels in your engine and cause the dangerous condition of overheating. Coolant spots on the garage floor are just one sign your water pump is going bad. Here are the other signs.

Corroded Pump

Your water pump may leak but not enough to leave evidence on the garage floor. Rather, coolant may seep out of the pump and pool around it. When this happens, you end up with a corroded water pump that has pits or tiny holes in it. This, too, is a problem. When the water pump is in this condition, it needs to be replaced in order to ensure that you have plenty of coolant circulating through the engine.

Poor Circulation

The reason why the pump must be replaced is simple: The water pump is the cooling system part that circulates the coolant. In other words, if your water pump is going bad, you might end up with poor coolant circulation through the engine. This is much like somebody who has heart trouble and poor blood circulation. The water pump is the heart of your cooling system. Without a functional pump, the engine will not get enough coolant to keep it running under 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Growling Sounds

Another sign that your pump is going bad is growling sounds coming from the engine. This is an indication that the pump is not functioning as it should be. If you hear whining sounds instead, this could be a sign that the accessory belt needs to be tightened. It is this belt that operates the water pump, so if it is having problems, your water pump will likely be having problems. Any strange noises coming from your engine need to be investigated right away to prevent additional engine damage.


Finally, as we mentioned above, if the water pump is unable to circulate the coolant through the engine, your engine will overheat. If your engine is overheating constantly, it’s possible that the water pump has gone bad and it’s time to replace it.

We can do that here at CAR FIX in Cookeville, TN, so give us a call today to set up an appointment for your automobile.

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