How Long Will the Head Gasket Last in My Car?

If you take excellent care of your car, truck, or utility vehicle, CAR FIX in Cookeville advises that you should never have to replace the head gasket. If you fail to maintain the vehicle and drive the engine when it is too hot, you run the risk of blowing the head gasket and causing severe engine damage. Below are the signs that you have a cracked head gasket underneath the hood.

Sudden Coolant Loss

The engine when the head gasket cracks because the head gasket forms a seal to prevent the coolant loss. Once the head gasket blows, the coolant will leak into each cylinder in the cylinder block. Unfortunately, this will reduce the level of coolant that is circulating through the engine. Even if you add coolant to the radiator, it will leak into each cylinder until you get a new head gasket.

Constant Overheating

As you can imagine, when the engine has too little coolant in it, it will overheat every time you drive your vehicle. In fact, the engine was probably already running too hot and this is the reason why the head gasket blew. We cannot overstate the importance of avoiding driving your automobile when the engine is running too hot. You cannot only crack the head gasket but also the exhaust manifold.

Bubbling/Boiling Coolant

In fact, the engine can get so hot with a cracked exhaust manifold that the coolant will start to boil. This can not only build up pressure inside of the radiator and cause the cap to blow off the radiator, but it can also crack the engine block, which is the cylinder block. Do not drive your automobile if the engine temperature is so hot that the coolant is boiling. You could damage the engine irreparably.

Noticeable White Exhaust

We mentioned above that the head gasket forms a seal over the cylinders so the coolant cannot get into them. When the coolant gets into the cylinders, it is burned during engine combustion along with the air and fuel. This creates white exhaust smoke that flows out of your tailpipe.

Diluted/Milky Motor Oil

Finally, another thing that happens when the head gasket blows is the coolant dilutes the motor oil. This creates a milky oil that can damage the engine as it circulates through it. You have probably figured out by now that the best plan of action is to have your vehicle towed to our shop if the head gasket is cracked. This helps prevent the heat and motor oil from damaging the engine.

CAR FIX in Cookeville, TN, is here to help, so call us today if you have a blown head gasket.

Photo by Phantom1311 from Getty Images via Canva Pro