Signs My Car’s Starter Is Going Bad

For those who keep their cars for years, the factory starter will go bad eventually. If you are lucky, the starter will give you a sign before it dies. If you aren’t lucky, you will end up stranded with an engine that won’t start. We are going to talk below in detail about all of these things and how you can pinpoint any problems to the starter. If your starter does go bad, we can replace it.

Clicking or Whirring

The starter is the ignition part that turns over the engine. Without this action, the engine will not start. Sometimes, the starter can get stuck and start to make strange noises before your vehicle ignites. Examples of these noises include clicking or whirring. Sometimes, the engine will start after you hear this noise. Other times, it won’t, or you will hear the noise continue after the engine has started.

A Dead Engine

If the starter cannot turn over the engine, you will not be able to ignite the engine. It’s just that simple, unfortunately. If the starter has died, the engine will not intake fuel or air. In addition, the spark plugs will not produce sparks. Consequently, you turn the ignition key or press the start button all you want and nothing will happen. Here’s where determining that the problem is the starter comes into play.

Working Lights

It’s a natural thought to immediately assume that your car won’t start because the battery is dead. That’s the most common reason why vehicles won’t start. You can check to see if the battery is generating power by checking your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s lights. If they are working and are not too dim, your battery is just fine. The starter is probably the reason why the engine is dead.

Smoke/Hot Odors

Another thing that points right to the starter is hot odors in the engine accompanied by smoke. This happens if you overheat the starter motor by continually trying to start your automobile. It’s only natural to keep trying, but this only damages the starter further.

Leaking Oil

Finally, if your engine has an oil leak, you may end up with a dead starter. The starter is located underneath the cylinder block on the left-hand side of your engine. If you crack the block or the head gasket, oil may saturate the motor and damage it beyond repair.

Do not worry. We can help if you are having starter problems with your automobile.

Photo by Diffydave from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro