The Following Problems Will Make It Difficult for Your Engine to Perform

If your engine keeps sputtering and struggling to run, you may have one of the problems listed below. CAR FIX in Cookeville, Tennessee can inspect your engine to determine why it is sputtering and lagging. Once we find the problem, we can fix it.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter that is clogged with carbon deposits is unable to process the exhaust through it. When this happens, the exhaust settles in the combustion chamber and stays there. The more exhaust that builds up the harder it is for the combustion chamber to produce combustion. This inability to produce combustion will make your engine sputter.

Clogged Air or Fuel Filter

A clogged air or fuel filter can also cause problems with the engine’s performance. This is because the clogged filter affects the balance between the air and fuel that is in the combustion chamber. Whenever this balance is off, your engine will sputter or surge.

Clogged Fuel System

Aside from a clogged fuel filter, the fuel system can also clog in the hoses and the injectors. When this happens, the engine does not have enough fuel delivered to the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, the engine will sputter in this fuel-starved condition.

Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

Another thing that will prevent fuel from making its way into the combustion chamber is a malfunctioning fuel pump. This pump is responsible for delivering the fuel from the tank to the engine. It cannot do this if it is failing.

Malfunctioning MAF Sensor

Your engine might also sputter if you have a malfunctioning mass airflow sensor. This sensor tracks air inflow and reports it to the engine control module. If its data is incorrect, the module may create a lean fuel mixture in the combustion chamber that is fuel-starved. 

Malfunctioning O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor can create the same problem. The difference between the two sensors is that the oxygen sensor keeps track of how much oxygen your exhaust has. This sensor can indirectly affect the combustion chamber mixture when it’s bad.

Engine Vacuum Leak

If your engine has vacuum pressure leaking out of one of the vacuum hoses, it will fill with air and you will end up with a lean fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This will make your engine sputter and struggle to run.

Worn Spark Plugs/Wires

Finally, your engine will misfire, which makes it feel like it is sputtering, if the spark plugs and wires are worn out. Spark plugs need to be changed anywhere from 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles.

Call CAR FIX in Cookeville, TN, today if your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine is sputtering all the time.

Photo by aopsan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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