Why Is My Engine Making Strange Noises Suddenly?

CAR FIX in Cookeville can inspect your car, SUV, or truck’s engine to find out why it has suddenly started to make strange noises. Once we locate the problem, we will give you a detailed estimate on what it will take to repair it. It’s important to have strange noises looked into as soon as possible because they could be a sign that your engine is getting damaged while you are driving your automobile.


For example, if the engine is grinding or making another metallic noise, there is a problem with the oil flow. Grinding or metallic noises are a sign that the engine’s parts are rubbing against each other and causing unnecessary wear and tear. You may have a clogged oil filter or too little oil in the engine.


A hissing sound does not necessarily indicate that your engine is being damaged. It does point to a leaking vacuum hose, however. It can also be a sign that you have a fluid leak that needs to be repaired. For example, if coolant is leaking onto hot engine parts, it will hiss or sizzle when it makes contact with the parts.


If your engine is knocking, you likely have a fuel detonation problem. This being said, a knocking sound can also be a sign that the rod bearings are worn out. These bearings move the rods and pistons up and down inside the cylinders. If they are worn, the pistons will knock against the cylinder walls.


A strange popping sound can be a sign that your catalytic converter is clogged. When the converter gets too old, it gets clogged with carbon and sulfur deposits. A leaking exhaust manifold gasket or exhaust manifold will also pop while the engine is running. The muffler can also pop if it has a hole in it.


Speaking of the muffler, your engine will rumble and roar loudly if the muffler has a hole in it. In addition, the engine will also rumble and roar loudly if the catalytic converter was stolen from underneath your automobile. This is a common problem throughout the United States.


Finally, the engine is going to squeal if there is an issue with the accessory belt. The belt may need to be replaced or tightened, or its tensioner or pulley may need to be replaced.

Call CAR FIX in Cookeville, TN, today if your engine is making strange noises. We will get to the bottom of the problem.

Photo by didesign021 from Getty Images via Canva Pro